Over the past three years we have shown over 100 companies how to have a more peaceful atmosphere in the work place, increase sales numbers without hard sales techniques or manipulation, and how to get what you want from both your personal and professional life.

Let The Body Language Pros do the same for you!

Screen Shot 2014-02-05 at 12.49.02 PM“My patients are from all over the world so understanding what they really need and being able to clearly get my message across to them is imperative. I was not sure how my team would react to yet “another training” on communication. Not only did our office have a great time, we actually were able to immediately put into practice the techniques that were taught. We are having so much fun with it! We all enjoyed it so much that I hired Dino & Shannon for more training and transformation.”



jeff picture“Dino and Shannon taught our entire team how to interpret the body language of our patients and how it pertains to what they are saying and more importantly to what they are NOT saying. In dentistry, we know how very important it is to form and nurture a relationship with our patients and we now know just how to do it!”- Jeff Lowe, DDS- Lifetime Dental Care, KS

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When you can read the non-verbal communication others are sending, and understanding what you are unknowingly sending out as well, you will realize that up to 90% of what you communicate has nothing to do the words you speak.

In an age of overwhelming amounts of information and distraction, learn to see and hear what really matters; the unfiltered thoughts and emotions of those you want to influence the most. Being able to resolve people’s concerns before they even speak them will create trust and high levels of rapport quickly.

If you truly want to increase your bottom line, build better relationships and increase the feeling of positivity and understanding in your business contact The Body Language Pros today.


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